Entering Round 5…

You know, we’ve been seeing our IVF doctor for over 2 years now. Precisely 27 months. I handed in my second GP 12 month referral today so that I can keep seeing her!

Today we had our follow up/forward planning session. After checking that we were ok, the doc launched straight into the next steps. Her key messages were:

– Hang in there

-There is still a lot of hope

– Let’s do a few checks  (for issues that the doc doesn’t believe exists, but better to be sure) and then crank up the meds to get heaps of embryos

So I am booked in for a hysteroscopy for next Thursday. It was meant to be in two weeks time, but I worked out that I would have my bleed then, so we got to bring it forward. If all goes well, I’m hoping that I can launch straight into the next treatment cycle as I think AF will be arriving in 12 days.

We’re also going to do some additional genetic testing to be able to rule out embryos that definitely won’t take. This means that we need to biopsy the embryos on day 5 instead of day 3 (apparently there is evidence to suggest that day 5 biopsies are less harmful to the embryo than day 3 ones). But before we can do that we need to swab test bubsy to get some more DNA – last time we swab tested bubsy the geneticist swabbed some sultanas out of his mouth!

And I had a heap of blood drawn today for other checks. Given that our appointment was at 7:15am and I had not had breakfast, it was like instant hangover! But I’ve made up for it, I went and bought a ginger bread slice and a ham and cheese croissant before heading into work. And I’ve had heaps of tea and water. And yes, contrary to my previous post, I’m obviously not vegetarian! Nor have I taken up yoga!

Anyway, as the doc is going to crank up the meds for the next treatment round, she says that there is a good chance that I’ll get OHSS and so we won’t be able to do a fresh ET. Having said that, I much prefer the FETs!

So we’ll see. I did a quick calc and I think that the earliest we’ll be doing a transfer would be August. I could be wrong, but August works for us. I mean, we will be moving house in July, so better to be somewhat settled before I have to act preggers again. Sigh. The acting preggers during the 2ww!

I feel somewhat re-energised. I’m not necessarily feeling optimistic or anything – trying to adopt the don’t-think-about-it-too-much strategy. But it is reassuring to know that medically speaking, the doc still believes that we are in the right health to have a baby. We also asked about our previous embryo development results (having had 6 in our first cycle and 2-4 in the subsequent 3 cycles) and she also advised that getting around 3 embryos is average and that getting 6 the first time was an anomaly.

Hanging in there!



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