Round 4 – Until Friday

Ok. Here’s the deal. I have to keep taking my Endometrin until Friday, when I can go in for an early blood test (was meant to wait until Monday). I’ve been bleeding constantly for the past 24 hours, so it’s not a good sign. It’s not super heavy like last time, but it’s still a lot.

I didn’t take two doses of Endometrin yesterday. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. But I did go and do one just before. It’s seriously gross, stuff coming out, stuff going in.

And I had two slices of cold salami yesterday afternoon as comfort food.

I was hoping to do a blood test today, get a BFN and then grab a coffee. But I’ll wait.

Bubsy is at my parents tonight, so I when I get home I’ll have a simple dinner and then watch some movies a friend put on DVD for me. Tampopo will be tonight’s choice.

Thanks for all your support so far, ladies.



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