Round 4 – Crap night and crap morning

Last night I told Hubby that I didn’t feel pregnant. He was not happy with my announcement. This morning I had a bleed, had a cry, calmed down and waited for half an hour until the clinic opened so that I could call them. The bleed wasn’t bad, it wasn’t bright red and it was a once off as far as I could tell. Hubby was super unhappy, so then I was having to comfort him! He’s gone from, “tell me everything because you never tell me how you feel” to this morning saying “don’t tell me anything, it’s confusing, you give mixed messages and it makes me anxious.” Whatever!

Anyway, had a chat to the nurse, Sally, who I think I can picture – one of the older nurses, very motherly and calm. She said it sounded like old blood that had just been sitting in the uterus, which was likely to have finally made it’s way out with the help of the Endometrin. She said it could’ve even been sitting there since the egg collection. She told me to just check for any more bleeding throughout the day and to give them a call back this afternoon to give them an update.

So, now I’m not worried. But now I just really don’t know what to think. So I’m opting to not thinking about being pregnant – as much as I can in this ridiculous situation!

Hubby also got me to do a home pregnancy test last night. I don’t know why I agreed, I was still hanging out for this Friday or Saturday. It came out negative of course.

Anyway, at work now, obviously not being very effective with my job. Need to review about five fat folders before the end of the day. Good luck to me.


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