Round 4 – Like Mater hit me…

Are you familiar with Cars? I am VERY familiar with cars. So after my last post about all the symptoms that I was feeling and trying to ignore, it got worse. It got to the point that I had to continually go pee so much that I rang the PGD nurse to see if it’s normal.

I had to leave a message as they were busy. But in the one hour that I waited for them to call me back I started getting period like cramps, sweats and hot flushes. It made me feel somewhat better, with that being a symptom of implantation, but it was not pretty. Fortunately, on a scale of 1 to 10, it was only about a 5 on the pain scale – I get super bad cramps if I don’t manage myself properly.

So I walked around and around the house while I waited for the phone all, too scared to use a heat pack or Panadol to help alleviate the pain. When I went to the toilet again I had some lovely, pale brown discharge on the toilet paper – no, I’m not being sarcastic! I checked again later and there was no more. Last time I miscarried after the only other embryo transfer we’ve been able to do over the past for 4 stimmie cycles, I bled more and more each time I went to the toilet!

Anyway, so after about an other the cramping started to abate. When the nurse called me back we had a chat about it. By then I wasn’t feeling worried anymore anyway. I did tell the nurse about my weeing situation and she suspected that I might be at the started of a urinary tract infection and advised me to take some Ural just a precautionary measure.

Unfortunately, after the phone call I started feeling worse again – this time with cold symptoms. I’ve had a very minor one since Monday night and it’s barely been noticeable, just a bit of occasional sneezing and maybe blowing my noise twice a night. But this afternoon I’ve had to spend it bed coz I just feel so terrible. Funnily enough, part of me feels relieved too! As during my first pregnancy with Bubsy, I got colds ALL THE TIME at the beginning, even though it was at the height of summer.

In summary! I’m assuming that implantation has successfully occurred. Luckily Hubby had the foresight to send Bubys away to his Grandma’s today so that I could stay home and chillax. While I haven’t been able to do any painting, I have been able to do some reading – spending my afternoon with Lightning McQueen (Mater the tow truck is his best mate) and keeping cosy in bed. I think I’ll need to cancel Sunday dinner with my parents by coming up with some bogus excuse – haven’t told them about the current IVF round. And the 2ww, which is actually only 10 days for us given that we had a day 5 transfer, continues!



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