Round 4 – Tears at ten and the 2ww

Ok. So. 10 minutes before I had my first meeting of the day the lab gave me a call. Of the 3 embryos that I had, one was unaffected and 2 got a “no result”. Apparently one of the “no result” ones drew no DNA out from the cell and so was going to be discarded. They thought they could do another biopsy on the other “no result” embryo, but not until tomorrow.

Then I asked, “Was the unaffected one the 8-cell embryo from day three?” And the scientist got a bit excited and said, “Yes, and it looks really good, even though I’m not meant to tell you that because I’m not an embryologist.” I assured her that it was ok and that I would take it with a grain of salt! She seemed genuinely excited and even told me so. Then I figured that they must spend a lot of time screening out diseases and come across a lot of unhappy stories.

Anyway, I had 9 minutes to go so I quickly rang Hubby. He just happened to be able to pick up the phone too and so I blubbed the news out to him. I was in tears! And had to assure Hubby that I wasn’t sad, just relieved and overwhelmed. Then with another 5 minutes to go I had to clean up and then walk into a meeting to talk about trees, tracks, trains, creeks, swamps…. My brain was so not with it!!

Come ET time I walked over to the clinic – it has been super handy that it’s located 10 minutes from the office. The Doc was a little late. So while in the waiting area I told Hubby how I’d adopted the Ponyo theme song as my own theme song and had been visualising various scenes from the movie as metaphors for fertility! Including, the bit where Ponyo “hatches” out of the bubble as a little girl, as if it was a hatching blastocyst and also the bit when Ponyo and her sisters swim up towards the surface in a huge, happy surge. He laughed. But then, I mean, he’s the one who’s been sending out homing signals to the baby!

When we went in for the transfer, even our Doc seemed to be quite excited and hopeful with the embryo. She told us that it was a great embryo, with everything that they wanted to see in one. We got to see it on screen – it was pretty amazing. Makes it feel a bit more real. And the actual transfer? Didn’t feel a thing! I made a point of closing my eyes when the scientist brought the embryo out in the catheter. I saw it the first time when we had a transfer and it did not look pretty!

So now we’re here. In an assumed state of early pregnancy. And so the 2ww begins!


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