Round 4 – ET day!

Ok, so we managed to get through to day 3 post-EC (got told 3 eggs fertilised), then day 4 post-EC (got a text telling me that my embryo transfer would be at 1:20pm) and now we are day 5 post-EC. I’m expecting a call from the lab this morning to tell me how many of the 3 embryos are unaffected (hoping for 3!). Unfortunately I’ll be in meetings from 10am-12noon, so hopefully it comes before then. Otherwise, I’ll just see my Doc at the ET appointment anyway. Fingers crossed that I don’t get any missed calls from the Doc herself!!

Hubby and I are both pragmatic and practical kind of people – across most things. We do get a bit irrational about some things some of the time. Anyway, so last night after I established that it wouldn’t bad luck to talk about “it”, I speculated a bit. We reaffirmed that we’re doing the right thing, that perhaps it would’ve been just as difficult had we tried it the other way (i.e. get pregnant naturally, test the embryo, and abort if it was affected – although I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have come to that decision, I mean hello, 4 cycles later!) and then this morning I commented, “Well, finally, we’re at our second ET.” Hehe, Hubby said that he had the same thought!

Hubby told me that his friend at work and her partner are now going through their 6th cycle, even though last year they had decided that they’d give up after the 5th. Fingers crossed for them!!

Anyway, part of me is still very anxious that this morning they’ll tell me that none of the embryos are suitable for transfer. And I don’t think that I’m being unreasonable in thinking that given all the other twists and turns that we’ve had. I really want this to work. I’ve been singing the Ponyo theme song in my head as a bit of a motivator – I only know the first two lines! Haha. Hubby last week, or was it early this week…. anyway, he told me that he talks to the baby and asks her  (just assuming the gender!) to choose us as parents and as a family and that we’ll take good care of her. Gee, got a bit teary typing that out.

Anyway, counting down the hours now…


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