Round 4 – Confidence dropping

Ok. So Doc didn’t call me at 8am. But she did call me at 11am. I missed the call by half a second and then couldn’t get back on to her! She did leave a voice message to say that three embryos were being biopsied. Sigh, better than none I suppose.

Then I got a call from the lab a few minutes later to repeat the same information. This time I also asked about the embryo quality. This is what I was told:

1 x 8 cells, grade 2

2 x 6 cells, grade 3

So I’ve been googling embryo quality success rates but haven’t been able to find anything easily (I’m also at work, so need to make it look like I’m working. And let’s just say, I don’t work in the medical field so googling “embryos” and “IVF” on my exposed screen makes it pretty obvious that I’m not working!

Anyway, anyone have any information on what the success rate on a transfer for the above embryos are? I mean, not that we’ve even had the biopsy results yet, which would not surprise me if they came back that none of the embryos we have are suitable. The first and only transfer we ever did was with two low quality embryos, which the doctor predicted had a 30% and 10% chance of implanting. Although at the time I never asked about what made them “low quality”.

Six cell, grade 3 sounds ominous.

I’m preparing for the worst.

*** Update

Well Hubby seemed to be positive about it. And he says that last time we had one Grade 3 and one Grade 4. So I guess the Grade 4 had the 10% chance. And of course, this was the doctor’s guesstimate. Maybe it will work out for us…


2 thoughts on “Round 4 – Confidence dropping

    • I’m day 5. Can’t do it until we have the biopsy results. Although from the limited reading I’ve done, sounds like day 5s have higher success rates for my age group – so long as they make it to day 5! Still waiting on biopsy results though!

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