Round 4 – Popped some pills today

Today my woohoo took an aspirin – I survived. This translates to: I took a vaginal tablet today (Endometrin) and it was totally weird and I was a little surprised by how big the tablet was and totally grossed out by how the tablet looked on the “applicator” (i.e. reusable stick) but I did it coz I want to make sure that I’ve done all that I can to make this cycle work!


So tomorrow I’m back at work. It’s going to be hard to go back after having two weeks off and two weeks of no stress. I hope that my doctor doesn’t call me between 8-8:30am (the usual time she calls to tell me that no eggs have fertilised) and that the lab calls me around 11am to tell me that 10 of the 10 eggs collected fertilised and grew and are suitable for biopsy. Then on Wednesday morning they can call me again to tell me that 10 of the 10 embryos biopsied are unaffected.

Fingers crossed!



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