Round 4 – Day whatever – OMG!

Ok, so IVF is not one of those things that gets easier to do, the longer you do it.

The good news today, after having my scan, is that my body (or my follicles, rather) is ready for the EC surgery. Hubby came with me and says he saw Doc enter onto her computer that I had 4 x 20mm follicles, 6 of the next size down, 2 x small 12 mm ones, but 16 in total. Doc says she is hoping to collect 14 good ones. I have never asked for details or bothered to find out what any of this means. I figure that the reason I am seeing Doc (and paying her lots and lots of money) is because she is an expert in this and knows what she is doing. All I want to know is when to take my injections and of anything else that I need to be doing to increase my chances of all of this working.

Anyway, so my “lovely” surprise today came about when I went to see the PGD nurse. She went through the trigger injection and hospital process (which I’m super familiar with now) and then started talking about the Endometrin. I hadn’t even noticed this on the prescription that I’ve been carrying around for weeks now. Instead of the Crinone gel, which is inserted vaginally, daily, post-EC and which I hate, I now take the Endometrin – in tablet form. And so I’m like, ok, that’s not so bad. Until the nurse says, “You take it like the Crinone.”

Say what? Tablets up the vag?! And not only that, I have to take it 3 times daily! WTF?!

I pulled out the box when I got home to see what’s in it. There’s the rows and rows of tablets – and an applicator! Which I will have to take to work with me as of next week to use during the day. Total gross! Omg!

But alas. Let’s just wait until the EC, hope for lots of eggs and fertilisations – enough to do a biopsy! And then hope for plenty of embryos suitable for transfer and freezing.

Not long to go now.


4 thoughts on “Round 4 – Day whatever – OMG!

  1. I had those. My recommendation is get some decent quality panty liners. Soooo gross. Congrats on all the follicles! I always pester my docs with millions of questions so I can tell you you have good sizes (they want them all around the same size/maturity) and an enviable quantity. Good job!


    • Ha, yes. I’ve been doing my research on it, post-tablet-rush seems to be the #1 most annoying outcome.

      It’s one of those funny things though. I’ve a similar number of follicles and same sizes counted each time, but for some unexplainable reason the eggs just don’t fertilise, or if they do, they don’t grow. *sigh* So trying to stay positive, preparing myself for the worst – we’ll see!

      But thanks!

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