Round 4 – Day 6 – TMI Warning!

Ok. Day 6. What to write?

I had my first scan this morning. Fourteen eggs counted, apparently on the small side. That resulted in a blood test to check my hormone levels. Apparently all good and nothing to worry about. So I also started my Orgalutran injections, on top of the Menopur. Double injections for the next few days! I have my next scan on Thursday and, fingers crossed, the EC on Saturday. Feeling alright, just tired, bloating, sore boobies and more soreness at the injection sites.

Aside from that, we’ve had a good past 24 hours. Bubsy slept through until 6:30am! He normally wakes at midnight or 3:45am (on the dot!). We took him to childcare this morning, first time this year, he told everyone that he had a hair cut and that he did exercises and yoga on the holidays. Haha. And then told us that we could “go home now” and so we left! We went out for a lovely breakfast at a local cafe – so nice to eat with Hubby, child-free!

Rightio, TMI section. You can stop reading if you’d like. I don’t even know why I’m sharing, I’m not usually share all details kind of person. I’m glad I’m anonymous (I hope!), coz if I saw you on the street and knew that you’d read this, I’d be embarrassed. Not that it’s a huge deal, but now that I’ve talked it up!

Ok. So, as I’ve mentioned heaps of times now, being on holidays has put me in the best mood. I haven’t been this stress free in years! Seriously, probably since before I was first preggers. Anyway, over the past three rounds of IVF stimulation cycles, I’ve been all no sex, as frankly, I feel sh*t when I’m on the drugs. But last night I was feeling ok, and in my mind we’re having a girl next, I’ve figured that when you’ve spent this long trying to have a kid, you get to choose the sex! Not that that is legal here… I digress! We also watched Ponyo last night with Bubsy. And ok, if Ponyo is your favourite movie, stop reading in case I ruin it for you. I decided that when all of Ponyo’s little sisters are swimming around, they’re a representation of girl sperm swimming around. And then I thought, ok, we need to have sex during this stimulation cycle as a symbolic-baby-making activity, as if we were having a child naturally. And I knew that last night would probably be the last night that I’d actually be feeling ok enough physically for awhile and so the deed was done.

Right. So I realise that that was the most ridiculous paragraph that I’ve ever typed – a bit all over the place, metaphoric fish, TMI, etc. But now it’s like, we’ve done everything that we need to do to make the cycle work this time! And don’t worry, I’m not reading into it all too much and setting myself up for another devastating outcome… I mean, I feel a bit like I’ve been through that all before and now I know how to manage myself and any outfall. It’s just more, fingers crossed, staying positive but keeping a check on reality and just see how it goes.

Tomorrow’s post will contain far less unnecessary information!


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