Round 4 – Day 5 – Peanut Poison – oops!

Oh dear. So yesterday I went to visit my cousin and her newborn at home. I thought I’d be all awesome and bake. I made scones and also peanut butter, white chocolate and macadamia cookies. Like, huge chunky cookies. They were seriously yummy. I rocked up to their house. My cousin’s hubby had one and was like, “Awesome!” Then my cousin starts chewing on one and says, “Hmm… is there like, something else in this? What is it?” And then I was all huge-gasp-eyes-widened “there’s peanut butter in it!”

My cousin has a nut allergy. Like, a serious one, not one of those “Oh yeah, I’m gluten free” self-diagnosed-faux-allergies. So then she had to go upstairs to purge… Ooops. I felt so bad. I always have in my head that she can’t have sesame, coz that’s the one thing that she always asks about if we’re at a cafe. I guess that’s coz they’re harder to spot in food than other nuts. She can have macadamias, hazelnuts and almonds. But all other nuts are a no-no. Won’t forget that again!!!

Anyway, her bubsy is gorgeous. They’re just so peaceful and well behaved at that age. Beautiful!

So, yesterday was the first day where I woke up feeling hung over. Or as if I’d been hit by a truck. Just tired. Incredibly tired. Today is the same, with the added bonus of sore boobies and twingey tummy. I think I’m starting to bloat a little bit too. Although I do find that if I keep busy, I don’t notice all these symptoms as much. But I was definitely in bed pretty early last night. I think tonight will be the same. Taking these two weeks off work just seems like a better and better idea with each passing day.

First scan tomorrow. Getting closer to EC!


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