Round 4 – Day 3 – I’m an artist!

Still feeling good. No emotional lability. No other symptoms. These holidays must be doing wonders for me!

Had a great day. Spent this morning rearranging the house. The TV is no longer in our open plan living-dining-kitchen area. It’s gone! Banished to the other smaller living room, which I like to call “the library”. It so doesn’t look like a library! Then we went and bought some stretcher bars and canvas and I stretched my own canvas! Here it is during the priming phase.


It’s pretty big. Made me tired. It was hard work! Anyway, now that I’ve stretched my own canvas, I feel like a “real” artist. Not that I’ve painted anything on it yet, apart from the teal coloured gelatine that I used as primer.

So tomorrow will involve a visit to my cousin and her newborn 🙂 A playgroup in the park session with Bubsy’s little friends (haven’t seen them since the week before Christmas) and that’s about it!

Cruising. Loving being on holiday mode. Feeling positive about treatment.


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