Round 4 – Day 2 – No emotional lability yet

Ok, day 2, so far so good. Had a pretty good day. Rearranged Bubsy’s room (finally moved the change table out of there!), visited friends and their newborn, went to a garden store to see what we could set up our planned vegie garden with, then met up with my bestie and her boyfriend for dinner (it’d been nearly a month since we’d seen them!) and now just chilling while my boys are sleeping.

My bestie popped around to our place afterwards for a chit chat. At 9pm, Hubby started making strange hand gestures at me, which I eventually worked out to be a reminder to take my jabs. We were an hour late! But I’m pretty sure that’s ok. It still took a bit of wiggling to get the needle to pierce my skin, but hey, 2 down, 7 to go?

I don’t think it’s placebo – I’m pretty sure that the drugs result in an instant headache for me. I’ve had similar symptoms on the other drugs that I’ve taken too. And I get a bit of pain at the injection site – but it’s minimal. No emotional lability yet! I had to google “lability”, it was one of the listed potential side effects. It just means constant change. I’ve definitely experienced emotional lability during all the other treatment cycles and in between. IVF is tough! It wrecks your emotions!

Anyway, I’m just glad that I’m not at work. I’m sure that being on holiday mode is helping me heaps. I’ve told a few friends that I’ve taken time off work (haven’t told them why), but that I haven’t told my parents or other family and so no one is to inadvertently let them know! I just know that if my mum knew, she’d be calling me up every second day telling me to go to some other lunch or catch up or whatever!


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