Round 4 – Day 1 – A-ok?

Ok, I’m back from our 5 day road trip. If I have any good photos, I’ll put some up later! I’m somewhat refreshed. All that driving allowed me to really zone out and ask non-sensical questions such as my one about the displacement of the fly that found its way into our car at one of our stops… Hubby later told me that he often uses the random questions that I ask or conversations that I start in examples when he’s teaching his kids at school!

Anyway, I feel ok. I’m still stressed, worried, anxious and all that. I somewhat obsess about dates… start injections today, scan on 19th, scan on 22nd, EC on the 24th, ET on the 29th, blood test on the 7th Feb, Dan Sultan concert on the 13th, Valentine’s Day on the 14th and then Strictly Ballroom on the 20th! I digress.

But anyway, so we got home around 12pm today. I went into the clinic to see a PGD nurse about how to take the new drug, Menopur, that I’ve been prescribed, which involves drawing the dosage with a fresh syringe each night! I must say, I much prefer the EpiPen over a syringe and needle! They don’t feel as flimsy.

So I took it at 8pm. It wasn’t too bad – I did struggle to pierce my skin with the needle and it seemed to sting as I injected. But it’s done. Ha, and then I swear I got an instant headache! But that was probably more due to a bit of dehydration, being tired from our trip and finally being able to sit down to relax.

So, a few more nights of injections and then the first scan. Here we go again!


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