Random bites

Two weeks leave arranged! It was quite easy to do. No one’s asked for a medical certificate either. So if Doc comes through with one next week, great, if not, doesn’t matter. Tomorrow will be my last day of work until the EC. I’m excited!

We’ve got camping trip planned for Friday – Tuesday (with two nights staying at a fancy hotel in between). This will be our last chance to do a trip like this before hubby goes back to work. Fingers crossed that Bubsy likes the camping this time around – “I want to go home” every hour wears thin very quickly!

I’m planning to do lots of reading, eating at cafes (especially on days when Bubsy is at childcare), pottering around the house, random shopping trips and more while I’m on leave! It’ll be a proper holiday, not like the mini break I had over Christmas/New Year, which was not relaxing at all!

Territories of TMI – so we’ve noticed a definite regression in Bubsy’s toilet practises. As in, never taking himself, always waiting until the absolute last seconds before saying that he needs to go (resulting in LOTS of accidents) and the absolute worse has been him doing #2s on the floor! It’s gross. Anyway, I thought it was just one of those unfortunate 1-step-forward-2-steps-back things, but today we found the culprit! The MIL has been taking care of Bubsy a couple of days a week for the past two weeks – normally she doesn’t get to at all and for good reasons! We just can’t trust her! Today, hubby caught her pulling out the potty and letting Bubsy do a wee, in front of everyone, on the living room floor!!!! Seriously???!!! Wtf? No wonder he’s been comfortable doing everything on our living room floor (and one time in the bedroom!) all the time. And when confronted about this, the MIL insisted that this is how Bubsy goes. Um, since when?! *sigh* I’ll stop. I could go on for hours about this!


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