Filterless family

A few weeks ago I posted about a particular filterless friend. Now I have a story about filterless family. Actually, I have many stories about filterless family!!! But this is just a snippety one.

So my lovely and heavily pregnant cousin was over on Christmas Day. Both my brother and I gave her presents for her little bubba (due to arrive any day now!). When I handed my gift over, my filterless aunty says, “Oh, we [the royal] don’t give presents until we see the baby.”

What she is implying here, stems from cultural traditions of not seeing the mother or baby until the baby is one month old and still alive. So, you know, we’re talking about a tradition that came from a practise centuries old, when childbirth was a scary and dangerous thing!

The silly and underlying message she is giving (and I’m not reading into this too much!), is that she still believes that something could go wrong with the unborn child. So, stupid thing to say in front of my cousin, yeah? What’s even more stupid and insensitive about it is that my brother did actually lose a young baby at just four months old – did her giving the baby a gift after she saw the baby make a difference?

Well, aunty, for you information, we’ve already had a baby shower for my cousin and showered her and her baby in gifts! She is going to have a beautiful baby (a boy!) and your silly comments are not welcome!



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