Some people are so dumb

So clearly we’re having a tough week. And since the first dreaded phone call on the Tuesday I’ve been finding it hard to unwind. I just can’t seem to calm my mind down and spend most nights on the internet until at least midnight just googling this and that – I know that doesn’t help in the unwinding department, but you know, it happens.

Today we had a christening to go of a the son of a close friend of mine. Hubby doesn’t really like her or her husband; I don’t like the husband a whole heap either. But it’s not an issue, I rarely see my friend’s hubby, and my Hubby rarely sees either of them.

Anyway, I’ve told my friend about us going through IVF, although she doesn’t know all about Hubby’s condition.

I know that if you tell something to someone, then that person is going to tell their partner. I have no issues with that.

Us going through IVF is not a tightly guarded secret, but we are selective in who we tell. I haven’t told most of my friends about Hubby’s condition because Hubby doesn’t like it to be widely known. Even a lot of his “new” friends don’t know about it, and by “new” I mean anyone he’s met in the last 10 years. Less than a handful of my friends know about the IVF and it’s the same for Hubby, I believe – we haven’t told each other who knows!

Anyway, as we’re leaving the post-christening cocktail party, my friend’s hubby says to my Hubby, “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through IVF and that it hasn’t been working out…. no one should have to be patient with that….” What a dumbarse! Seriously! I know for sure that my friend does not go around telling people that we’re doing IVF – it’s just not something that you do. Why would you not understand, or even assume, that it’s an off topic conversation and that it was told in confidence between the original party?! Why would you bring up IVF with someone that you see perhaps once a year? And the whole “…no one should have to be patient with that…”, I mean, wtf? Why do people insist on trying to sympathise with people on things that they know nothing about? Don’t they know to just keep quiet?




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