Round 3 over

Well it’s been a tumultuous couple of days. I got a call from Doc’s office again yesterday. I kind of knew what was coming as soon as I saw her number flash up on my mobile. Both of the embryos tested came back positive for the dodgy gene. So no embryo transfer this time around.

I wasn’t nearly as upset as I was the day before. I was assuming that it wouldn’t work as soon as we got the initial phone calls. Anyway, it does really emphasize how lucky we were with Bubsy not being affected. I mean, that’s altogether eight embryos tested and only two have come back unaffected.

So yesterday I told Doc that we were going to wait until after Christmas before starting a new round. She said that we could go in for a chat with her, but after asking if there was really anything new for us to consider, she said no. But she did say she’d start writing up a new plan for our next treatment round, involving trying a slightly different combination of drugs.

Anyway, Hubby was in bed and super depressed by the time I got home yesterday afternoon (I left work early again!). He did a bit of rant about losing confidence in the whole IVF process – how could we possibly only get eight good embryos from three cycles and a total of 43 eggs collected, including just one each from the last two cycles, when we apparently don’t have fertility issues – and how much more of this is it going to take. And then how unnatural this whole baby making process is.

So I let him be for awhile. I made a massamam curry. Then while it was simmering I went back to Hubby. He ranted a bit more. I ranted a bit. He ranted about his work. I said that I could top that and ranted about my work. Then he felt better and we both got up and ate the massamam curry on the deck.

We decided that we would go straight back in for another treatment cycle. I had come to that conclusion on my walk home from the train station earlier that day.

I rang Doc’s office this morning to make an appointment for chat (more for Hubby’s sake than mine, I seem to be ok with it all) and also to let her know that we’re keen to do treatment asap. It’s only been five days post egg collection, so I guess I have a few more up my sleeve before Aunty Flo comes along. Maybe I’ll spend Christmas day in surgery doing an egg collection!

For now, I’m going to keep drinking copious amounts of coffee and eating cured salmon and poached eggs.


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