Round 3 – Day 14 – Down to two

So got the call from the lab – we’re down to two embryos. One of the two frozen ones didn’t survive the thawing – I’m guessing it was the surprise one that developed enough cells at the last moments before they needed to be frozen in the first place.

Anyway, I’ve been told that I won’t find out until Thursday morning if any of the two embryos are free from WPW. Meant to get a text message the day before to tell me what time my transfer is on too.

I think I’m over the initial shock this morning about only getting one decent embryo out of the 13 eggs collected. I didn’t really flinch or react when I got the call from the lab.

Guess between now and then I’ll just have to keep taking the dreaded gel.

Tick tock…

Let’s find the positive in all this – my chest pains have gone away!


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