Round 3 – Day 13 – Treatment Never Ends!

Two days post egg collection and I’m going ok. Had to call the nurse today because of ongoing chest pains. She told me that it sounded like gas build up, which isn’t something to worry about, but to go to my GP if it got worse or I was worried.

I did seem to recover quite will from the surgery though. Aside from being extremely drowsy (I could barely stay awake in the recovery and discharge units!), I haven’t had any issues this time around. I guess staying in bed for two days straight, with the occasional stint on the couch, helped immensely.

I also started the gel today. I do not like the gel. It makes me feel awkward – even though it’s just me administering it. But still. Ick!

Anyway, it really does feel as if the treatment is never ending. Hubby and I initially naively thought that an IVF treatment cycle involved injections for a couple of weeks and then you’d be pregnant! But no, there was the waiting for Aunty Flo to arrive, starting the mini pill (and taking it for weeks on end), then stopping the pill, waiting for a bleed, starting the evening injections, followed by the additional morning injections. And then the trigger injection. Then egg collection. And now the gel. Meanwhile I’m meant to be taking folate tablets daily, which I kind of don’t. I try to, but it just does not happen daily.

The train of drugs makes each treatment cycle seem very long. But I guess that’s just how it needs to be done in this day and age.

I’m expecting a phone call tomorrow from the lab to tell me how many embryos we got this time around. Trying not to think about it too much. But I do hope that they call me early in the day so that I don’t spend all day at work feeling distracted!


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