Round 3 – Day 11 – Eggs collected

Had my egg collection surgery today – about 12 hours ago. I woke up so drowsy from it, took nearly an hour before I could leave the clinic. Previously it’d been within half an hour. But aside from that I’m feeling pretty good. I had a pretty big nap after lunch and have more or less stayed in bed since. When I’ve been awake I’ve been playing this silly new game that I downloaded onto the iPad – Cooking Fever. I’m currently at the bakery level!

Anyway, 13 eggs collected. Doc seemed happy about it. So now we’re at stage 2 of “fingers crossed”. I’m hoping that lots of the eggs fertilise and become good looking embryos (remember, last time only 2 of the 17 eggs collected developed enough for testing!). They’ll let me know on Monday or Tuesday how many eggs have fertilised and developed enough – we need 3 or more before going ahead with the genetic testing.

More rest for me tonight. Hopefully I’m feeling back to normal tomorrow. Although I guess at least this drowsiness has kept me feeling pretty mellow today!



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