Round 3 – Day 10 – Triggered!

Ok, had my final check up scan yesterday morning (once again at 7am!). Doc counted 10 eggs, apparently a few a quite big. I took my trigger injection last night at 9pm and I’ll be going in at 9am tomorrow for the egg collection. I’m happy that we got an early time, saves me from sitting around all morning and not being able to eat or drink. So fingers crossed.

More importantly, I’m all set to go and see Mariah Carey tonight with Bestie – haha, I hope I haven’t alienated any potential followers with that admission! Anyway, we’re meeting at 5:30 for an early dinner at Trunk and then walking down to Rod Laver Arena. It’s going to be a perfect evening too, nice and warm. We’ll be able to sit in the outdoors area of Trunk and enjoy a couple of spritzers before the concert.

So I’ve had both Doc and the nurses ask me how I’m feeling and going this time around. I’ve told them that I’m much more relaxed going into it and not having any expectations. But it’s hard to try not to think about it all the time, especially every time I have to do another injection or I have adjust the way I’m sitting because my belly feels incredibly bloated. Last night I started thinking, ‘What if it doesn’t work again?’ Well, I’ve already decided that if it doesn’t work that I’m going to have to take a break. I can’t do another back to back treatment round again, especially over Christmas.

I also voiced to Hubby how I thought he was quite disengaged from the process this time around and that I felt like I was doing it alone. He kind of agrees, but feels justified about it because he’s had a cold. *sigh* What do you do?

Anyway, I’m focussing on having a great night tonight with Bestie and at the Mariah Carey concert. It’s been a long time since Bestie and I have had a girls’ night out together.



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