Round 3 – Night 6 – Nearly there!

It’s been a good couple of days. Yesterday I had my bestie over for brunch (smashed avocado with tomato, lemon and marjoram, scrambled eggs with cream, ricotta and burnt sage, toasted sourdough, bacon and vanilla coffee – soooo good!), then we went and did some birthday and Christmas presents shopping, followed by homemade chicken burritos. I was too tired to cook, so left it to hubby… it turned out alright!

Today I had my 7am scan which I had to get up at 6:20am for! Had a 6 minute scan and consultation with the doctor, a 2 minute wait at the pharmacist (must’ve been their first order this morning) and a 1 minute session with the PDG nurse. Took me longer to drive there!

Anyway, had to start my Orgalutran injections today. Anyone who’s familiar with it will know that it means I’m now on double daily injections: one with the Puregon injection pen that has a tiny needle; the second with the Orgalutran in the syringe with the comparatively giant needle! It went ok, no pain, guess I’ve been able to keep my panics away this time around.

Today was a good day too. I took bubsy to the open range zoo while hubby did a half day at work. We went on the bus tour, went on a self guided walking tour and had chicken nuggets and chips for lunch (bubsy’s choice!). Then in the late afternoon we took bubsy to Luna Park for a bit of an adventure – he loved it. Although not so much the Silly Serpent roller coaster – he said that it was “too fast and too dangerous”. Haha.

Anyway, the biggest news of the day is that I then saw discounted Mariah Carey concert tickets on sale for this Friday. A few text messages later and me and my bestie are going! I wasn’t even really a fan when I was younger (bestie definitely was!), but I’m excited to go. It’s going to be fun – we’re going to be close enough to smell her. Girls night out – it’ll be the night before I go in for the egg collection. Good timing, eh?


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