Round 3 – Day 4 – So tired!

Day 4 – only had 3 injections so far. I’m exhausted already. I don’t remember being so tired during the last two rounds, not at day 4 anyway. I was definitely getting exhausted by day 7, but seems like there’s a long way to go with this one! I also seem to be able to feel my ovaries already. I’m glad that in the 10 days of treatment we’ve got the long weekend and so there’s only 2 more days of work until the egg collection. But I have a feeling that these few days are going to feel long…

Painful morning this morning. Had the mother-in-law pop around for breakfast. Even though we’d told her that we were going to put on a big breakfast, she still turned up with 4 croissants, ham, cheese, tomato, donuts and chocolate. What do you do? And she’s still acting all funny since last time. Last time being when she went off and called us “cruel” in relation to how we discipline bubsy. You may wonder what our discipline involves – it’s pretty standard. A bit of timeout for when he does something naughty, stern words and the occasional confiscation of toys. Cruel???!! I could write multiple lengthy essays about all the other crazy things she says about and does with us.

Anyway, I get really annoyed that she calls us cruel. It’s not a very nice thing to say to anyone, let alone to your own child (she only says it in front of hubby, not when I’m there). And she goes on about how bubsy doesn’t know where he stands with us. WTF? He’s three. He loves playing with us, cuddling with us, telling us his funny stories (on repeat!) and singing the Star Wars theme songs to us – he also knows when he’s being naughty! All the other stuff I can tolerate, but when she openly criticises our parenting – whilst claiming that she respects everyones’ different parenting styles – I just think f* it! I don’t need to put up with this!

So, current way forward is to avoid hubby’s family during treatment (today’s breakfast was a mistake on hubby’s behalf!), avoid them during – fingers crossed – pregnancy, and only tell them that I’m – fingers crossed – pregnant when it’s impossible to hide. Based on current timing, assuming that I fall – fingers crossed – pregnant within the next couple of months, I should be able to hide my belly with baggy clothes during winter. And based on my first pregnancy, my belly won’t show for awhile! I’m hoping to get to 6 months before having to tell them!

Hehe, wasn’t intending this to be a rant. Was just going to mention my tiredness!


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