Round 3 – Night 1

Ok, tonight is the night that we start round three of treatment. I must say, the last eight weeks or so have been pure bliss. What I mean by that is that I haven’t had any crazy thoughts, haven’t felt overly emotional or distracted and I’ve been able to relax. Even hubby has been impressed by my seemingly overnight transformation post IVF drugs.

But back to tonight. I’m feeling flat. I don’t want to start up the injections again. I can already feel the painful prick of the needle. It didn’t hurt at all in my first round of treatment. But it did in the second round. One night it seemed to hurt so much that I had to try about three times to get the needle in – I was in tears for ages. I’m sure it’s all psychological. Even just the thought of it is making me upset at the moment.

I am currently home alone. Bubsy is with my parents. Hubby is at work. We decided that I’d wait for hubby to come home before I do the injection. Not too long to wait now.


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