We’ve had a couple of small steps in the right direction! So it had been another whirlwind week of angst and depression, compounded by both hubby and I being extremely exhausted after a weekend of hosting international visitors (eight hour round trip to look at some rocks, anyone?). We had fought again, both reaching absolute breaking point. Me in particular quietly shouting some not-so-nice things at hubby (had to “quietly shout” due to the guests staying with us). Anyway, it left us feeling battered and unable to talk to each other without getting into another argument. Seriously, this is not our normal relationship.

We did work out that a lot of our problems do stem from the fact that we are tired – all the time. I should explain that we do already have a three years old toddler, who provides us with lots of fun, but he does make us tired. I’m sure all the parents out there understand! Anyway, given the ridiculousness of childcare place shortages around where we live, we currently have bubsy in one day of care (took us 18 months to get it – we have been on the waiting list for another two days for the past eight months) and three days and two nights of grandparents care. You would think that having him away from us for two nights would give us time to rest, but it totally doesn’t! We have to spend 1.5 hours travelling to drop him off and get to work and the same again when picking him up. The two nights apart means that we can never get into any sort of routine for the rest of time. I am permanently cranky!

Anyway, hubby’s sister has finally agreed to “help us however she can” by reducing her monopoly on the other grandparent’s care – I know, this is completely a first world issue that we have! So instead of getting no help from the other grandparent, we will now get one day. She lives much closer and this will mean that bubsy is only away for one night. This is going to lighten our hectic weekly schedule, which we are looking forward to!

More importantly, I got a phone call from the IVF centre today. They have told me that an earlier egg collection date has come up and asked if I’d like to take it. Hell, yeah! So instead of an eight week wait before our next egg collection, we will now have a six week wait. Seriously, this has lifted my spirits so much!

Counting down!


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